Do you wonder what carp bait is the best? This article will explain everything to you!

The list of gamefish very easy to catch

Nowadays it’s much easier for beginner fishermen to find a good species to train. There are plenty of fish you can choose to have a very easy, yet still entertaining and adventurous starts. One of them is Steelhead salmon, which is one of the most popular gamefish in North America. If you want to know about the characteristics of this fish, or maybe you are looking other species and want to learn more about their habitats, then this is an excellent page for you. Take a look at carp bait list, see what the best walleye lures are, and make sure that northern pike lures you were thinking to choose will be the best choice!

The list of recommended gamefish for beginners


Steelhead salmon

This particular fish is widely known as a bigger version of rainbow trout. In fact, these two fish are the same, yet Steelhead salmon migrated from lakes and rivers and moved to the ocean, the Pacific Ocean to be more specific. Their head has changed colour to the silvery one, which resembles steel. This is the first difference between rainbow trout and steelhead salmon. Another one, which greatly contributed to the popularity of this silvery variation of trout, is its size. They are bigger than their freshwater brothers. When it comes to baits and lures, you need to remember that you can use either PowerBait, which is a very well-prepared and recommended product. You can also use artificial lures in the form of steelhead flies. As for living baits, steelhead salmon likes to feed on smaller fish, fish eggs, zooplankton (only young specimens), insects of various kind, minnows, and mollusks.

steelhead salmon


This highly popular fish is a very good option for all the people, who have never fished before. There are a lot of varieties of this fish, yet the most popular ones are very popular in Asia and Europe. Why would you focus on them? Because they are also available in the United States. It is a species that likes freshwater. What is the best carp bait, you may ask? Well, in this particular case we need to look for canned corn, which is a very popular carp bait. You can also use homemade doughballs concoctions. As for Europe and Asia, boilies are very common lure. It is a mix of milk proteins, eggs, and some flavours. However, we have to keep in mind that their eating habits may change and it’s all dependent on variety of aspects like climate, wind, temperature, even phases of the moon. That’s why the best option is to have several types of carp bait.



When you go for walleyes, you need to remember that walleye lures are in most cases artificial. By that we mean plenty of different shapes of jigs and rules, starting from crankbaits, going through spinnerbaits, and ending on walleye jigs. There are plenty of rankings where different shapes of walleye rules are recommended to you all. As for living walleye rules, they eat smaller fish in most cases, so it may be a good idea to have some other specimens with you.

walleye rules
walleye rules
Northern pike

Regarding northern pike lures, we need to know that this gamefish is not picky – it will eat any smaller fish it may grab. That’s why we should take into account artificial northern pike lures, since they will most likely guarantee the biggest chances in catching them. Except for that, you may also use insects or leeches as northern pike lures.

northern pike lures