Want to know how to catch walleye? Learn more here!

Wonder how to catch walleye or Steelhead salmon? Learn more about these two species!

The beginnings for fishermen can be quite difficult if you do not know where to fish, how to do that, and which specimens are the best at the start. In order to give you some basics regarding Steelhead salmon and walleye, then this research article with provide you will necessary data. It particularly focus on variety of walleye fishing tips, among other things which walleye jigs and walleye bait to choose, how to prepare your walleye rigs, and of course what the best walleye lures are! See if your knowledge regarding this fish and Steelhead salmon is sufficient enough! But first, let’s see the characteristics of walleye.

how to catch walleye

How to catch walleye

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Walleye is a very popular type of fish to catch, especially in America. Large schools of this species as well as quite common occurrence made them very popular choice for fishermen. Even though they are popular, it’s difficult to indicate one stable spot, where there is the highest number of them. It’s all because of the weather conditions. In spring, they are commonly encountered in sandy and shallow areas in lakes and rivers. They often tend to circle around rocky embankments, tree stumps or other objects that are 3-10 feet from the shore. In the summer, you will have to look deeper into the water or search through thick weeds.

What are the best walleye fishing tips

In here, we will give you a short description of the best walleye lures, what kind of walleye bait you should use, as well as information regarding walleye jigs and walleye rigs.

walleye fishing tips, how to catch walleye

When we look at the best walleye lures, we particularly recommend using the ones made by Renosky and B Fish Tackle. These two walleye jigs increase your chance to catch decent size of walleye. What’s more, they are recommended by experienced fishermen, who are specialized in catching walleye and other fish with similar characteristics. As for walleye bait, it is good to choose live bait in the form of minnows, leeches, or night crawlers. In addition, using minnows while fishing in spring is the best idea, since this walleye bait works the best with them. Now you have to arrange it somehow, right? What walleye rigs are the best? You can try out a Loten Rig, which is also known as Bottom Bouncing Walleye Rig.

How to catch Steelhead salmon

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Even though the species originates from the rivers and lakes of North America, particularly near places on the west of the Rocky Mountains, it is now popular all over the world, including Pacific Ocean in the West Coast. Its rather easy catching methods as well as wide eating habits made it very interesting fish to fish in sports games and in the hobby.

Can I use walleye fishing tips to catch Steelhead salmon?

Unfortunately, Steelhead salmon, despite being relatively easy fish to catch, is a bit different from walleye, so walleye rigs as well as best walleye lures presented above won’t be good enough. In here, we recommend using the lightest line you can find. Clear water as well as good eyesight make steelhead salmon aware of thicker lines, what makes it more difficult to catch them. When it comes to baits, you should take into account PowerBait. Another good choice are fish eggs, particularly trout eggs. As for artificial rules, Steelhead salmon can be caught on spoon-like rules – Rapala provides high quality baits.

walleye rigs, how to catch walleye