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If you were wondering if it’s possible to catch steelhead salmon during winter with the use of ice fishing method, then in a moment we will explain everything to you. Survival fishing is quite important topic for more hardened fishermen, who are interested in new challenges. However, in order to be ready for such adventure, you need to have decent fishing kit as well as know where to fish and how to protect yourself against any hazardous situations. What’s more, it’s very important to know which species can be caught during winter. If you want to see if steelhead salmon is one of them and try your best, then take a look at our description regarding survival fishing kit and learn more about fishes like steelhead salmon.

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What to catch? Ice fishing tips regarding species

If you have been wondering whether steelhead salmon is a good specimen to catch, then we have a good news for you. It is possible to catch the specimen of this type not only in winter, but also thanks to ice fishing methods. There are plenty of ways you can achieve that. However, before we go on and describe more about ice fishing tips, let’s take a look at other species that can be caught in winter and with the use ice fishing method except for steelhead salmon. One of the most popular one, next to rainbow trout of course, is Walleye. Another very popular gamefish that is sought by many anglers is Bluegill. We can also hope to catch bluegill, crappie, and of course northern pike. Now when you know what to fish, let’s take a look at what to wear and what to take with you.

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Fishing kit essential for this kind of survival fishing

The most important thing while completing survival fishing kit is of course to take with you a lot of warm clothes, since it’s very difficult to keep temperature of your body while waiting for the fish to take the bait. Fishing kit should be prepared in such way you will not be overwhelmed with the gear, and you will be not only safe while ice fishing steelhead salmon or other species, but you will also do it quite effectively. Except for warm clothes, you also need to remember about wearing layers of outfit. Thanks to that you can regulate the temperature and take off the part of clothes. There are much more to say about clothes when it concerns survival fishing kit. However, what about other stuff? Make sure to pick good rod-and-reel composition – here it is recommended to choose stiff rod with a line up to eight pounds.

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Survival fishing is much more difficult if you didn’t have a chance to prepare yourself. In these situations, you will most likely have to find a temporary solutions. That is why you have to have a backup plan for finding a way to catch steelhead salmon or other fishes. Ice fishing tips we have prepared for you are pretty straightforward. However, some of them illegal because they require using equipment or methods that are long forbidden. Should you use survival fishing methods and ice fishing tips we provide, make sure it is completely mandatory. One of great, yet illegal methods of catching fish, is the use of drift nets. They can help you catch multiple fish with one approach. You can also use multiple fishing lines or fish from tree branches.

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