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Today’s main topic regards three species of fish that will definitely appeal to your fishing taste, especially if you are the beginner fisherman or you seek for specimens that are not too difficult to catch. Steelhead Salmon, all types of bass fish, and of course crappie – these are the main topic of this article. If you wish to know more about the best crappie bait or best bait for bass, then we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following content! But before we start describing this particular subject, let’s take a look at the fish themselves.

best lures for bass

Steelhead Salmon, Crappie, Bass – basic characteristics

Steelhead Salmon 

This name is a description of rainbow trout that decided to migrate from their native habits like rivers and lakes to the Pacific Ocean. Because of that, their head has got a silvery cover. Its weigh is between 1 and 5 lb in freshwater and Steelhead Salmon can reach up to 20 lb in the Pacific Ocean. As for food, they prey on almost everything, so it’s not too difficult to choose good bait. You can use fish eggs, aquatic insects (like stoneflies, diptera, mayflies, and caddisflies) as well as land insects (ants, beetles, or crickets). However, the use of PowerBait is also a very good idea.

best lures for bass


Before we provide you some info regarding best crappie lures, you should know its habitats and eating habits. Crappies can be found in fresh water. The best conditions for crappie is moderately acidic water. If you find a highly vegetated water, then it is very likely there will be crappies as well. When we decide to fish them and choose particular crappie rigs, we have to remember that they do not stay long at the surface. They tend to come up only for food at dawn or dusk. The exception is when they spawn. Then, we can find large quantities of schools near the surface.



There are many fishing lures for bass but as it was in case of two previous species, let’s take a moment to describe them. So, when you say bass, most of you think about the most popular type of this fish, which is largemouth bass. In North America there are one of the most common fish that are angled by fishermen. They are characterized by olive-green colour, the length of even 29.5 inches, and the weight of 25 pounds. Since they love smaller fish, shad, snails, frogs, and crawfish, these will be best bait for bass. They can be found in lakes and rivers, especially near ripraps. It’s also good idea to look  in the ends of coves or the edges of creek channels. So now, let’s take a look at the best lures for bass.


What are fishing lures for bass or the best crappie bait? Tips worth knowing

If you look for the best crappie lures, it’s good to choose minnows, worms, or insects. You can also try out artificial ones in the form of Marabou Jigs. How to pack it all up? When you think about crappie rigs, you should definitely use spider ragging – the most popular and surely the most effective method. As for the best lures for bass, you can make sue of artificial bait like plastic worms. Another good bait is the use of crankbaits, which can represent either one of the two most popular food for bass – baitfish and crawfish. As you can see there are plenty of things regarded as best bait for bass as well as best crappie lures. If you have any other questions regarding these two species or Steelhead Salmon, we will answer them in the comment section!

best crappie lures