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The best fishing tides and how to find them.

Looking for fishing tides with Steelhead salmon? Take a look here!

Getting to know where you can fish one of the most beautiful fish in the North America at the Pacific Ocean is quite difficult, especially when you know nothing about such species as cabezon fishyellow rockfish, or of course the most popular fish to get – Steelhead salmon. The article you are today reviewing will help you find the best spots, where you can find those species and have an amazing time while fishing. Take a look at the tips of how to find the best fishing tides in a particular area and catch yellow eye fish or any other fish we’ve listed above!

What are the characteristics of the described fish species?

Before we delve into the information regarding fishing tides and how to find the one we are the closest to, let’s take a look at the particular species, so you know their behaviour, when they appear, and what to expect from them.

Steelhead salmon – also known as Rainbow trout

Steelhead salmon, fishing tides

This particular trout is native to cold-water areas of Pacific Ocean in Asia and of course in North America. As you may figure that out, the name for this trout refers to its scales, which are colourful and shiny. When it comes to size, Steelhead salmon adult has an average of 2-4 lb. There are of course smaller examples that weigh only 1 lb or large ones, with the weight of 5 lb. However, there are much larger forms, which are lake-dwelling. These particular fish can reach even 20 lb. Contrary to what some folks may say, it’s quite easy to catch them.

Cabezon fish – accidental, yet very pleasing catch

As for this particular fish, we need to remember that they are a bit bigger than Steelhead salmon, so aiming for the lightest, the thinnest line may not be a good idea. They can reach up to 3 feat 3 inches long and weight up to 31. The easiest way to find them is by looking for reefs, shelves, and of course rocky pinnacles, which is a location very characteristic for cabezon fish. They like bottoms filed with rocks, mud, sand, as well as kelp beds. Recommended bait for this species is crustaceans, fish eggs, and mollusks.

Cabezon fish, fishing tides

Yellow rockfish – very often referred to as yellow eye fish

A very interesting thing regarding this species is that they are a long-lived species with a lifespan up to 118 years. Except for the western coast of North America, they can also be found in the Baja Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands. What’s more, we’re not going to find yellow rockfish in large schools of fish. They are more a solitary species. A good bait for yellow eye fish is algae and small crustaceans. Larger specimens will appreciate sand lances, flatfishes, herring, or even other rockfish.

Yellow rockfish, fishing tides

What are the best ways of finding good place with Steelhead salmon?

Now when we know some basics regarding catching, let’s take a look at fishing tides that will let us catch not only Steelhead salmon, but also other species. When we decide to focus on fishing this one particular species, then we can decide on Alaska. However, there won’t be enough cabezon fish or yellow rockfish spots. There is a place known among all the fisherman in Argentina, The Jurassic Lake. However, if we are more into American spots, you can always take a look at rivers, like for example the White River in Arkansas. If you still don’t know where to go, you can always take a look at fishing tides and tables provided by official pages. However, there will be plenty of people, who will surely be quite a competition for you in catching Steelhead salmon.